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Queensland Solar Quotes

To date there have been over 300 000 homes in Queensland installed with Solar Panels with the majority being in response to Government incentives as well as the positivity of renewable and cleaner energy.

Solar PV capacity in Queensland has grown dramatically in recent years and the States homeowners have spent over $2 million a day on installations of solar panels for a means of environmental and financial investment.

With solar energy initiative programmes on the emergence Nationally, Queensland’s Hervey Bay Solar Farm is a Government subsidised investment scheme into solar power.  The $4b initiative is to help the Hervey Bay community build Queensland’s first Community Solar Farm which will no doubt continue to invoke the steady incline of solar power usage in this region.

Collinsville Power Station in North Queensland has recently been granted approval to change the power generation from coal to solar with a vision of being in use by 2015.  With economic factors leading the Whitsundays Regional Council to act on this viable transformation they put forward a new proposal grant of two solar fields for the region. It has been predicted to cover over 44 hectares in Collinsville generating energy for up to 7000 homes.

Another venture in the making is the Kogan Creek Solar Boost project which has been known to be the largest coal-fired power station with solar integration globally. The project has been funded by CS Energy and the Australian Government with an estimated combined contribution of over $100 million. There should be an increase of approximately 44 megawatts during peak solar conditions allowing more power generation for an additional 5000 homes annually.

There are all signs pointing north for the boom of solar energy and Solar Panel usage in Queensland’s sunshine state. It is showing an ever-growing demand for Solar Panels and this will continue to rise in the many key cities for solar panels around the state such as Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns and the Sunshine Coast.

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