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Size of System

1.5kW {{data.system_size}}kW 7.0kW

System Installation

N 0 NE 45 E 90 SE 135 S 180 SW 225 W 270 WN 315 N 0
Without Solar
With Solar
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Estimated Electricity Production

{{output.solar_production | number:2}}kWh/yr
{{output.units_per_day | number:2}}kWh/day
{{output.solar_feedin | number:2}}/yr


${{data.system_price | number:2}}
${{output.power_savings | number:2}}/yr
{{output.payback | number:2}} yrs
{{output.roi | number:2}}%

Reduced Energy Costs

{{data.retail_price | number:2}} c/kWh
{{output.eff_price_kilowatt | number:2}} c/kWh
{{data.retail_price-output.eff_price_kilowatt | number:2}} c/kWh

Savings on Electricity Bills

${{output.without_solar_bill | number:2}}
${{output.with_solar_bill | number:2}}
${{output.savings | number:2}}
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DISCLAIMER: The solar savings calculator is designed to provide you with a ballpark figure of the potential savings that are possible under current industry circumstances. These calculators work on provided assumptions and inputs. In order to be provided with an accurate estimate on your solar panel installation, be sure to enter all of the required information correctly. Default settings have been set in accordance with general situations which may or may not suit everyone’s individual needs. Therefore it is important to amend inputs where necessary (including the “Advanced Settings”) to reflect your individual circumstances.


When you change input settings it has a significant impact on the results provided by the solar savings calculator – especially in the case of energy export. It is difficult to estimate the percentage of energy you will export onto the grid, so it is advisable to alter the export rate on the calculator (e.g. 10% export, 50% export, etc.) in order to gain an understanding of the consequences of exporting more or less as your usage pattern changes.

Another factor that can drastically alter the results of the solar savings calculator is the current state or territory tariff rates. Tariff rates are altered occasionally due to legislative changes. In order to gain an accurate estimate on the solar savings calculator be sure to input the tariff rate (in Advanced Settings), that applies to the region that you live in. One should always model the effect of a feed-in tariff after the current one ends. Click here to view the Australian solar feed-in tariffs.

Calculations made by the solar savings calculator are an approximation and do not necessarily provide a strictly accurate industry-wide representation of solar system prices. Outcomes regarding solar panel installation and prices depend on various factors which are outside the control of the solar savings calculator. Consumers should consider obtaining advice from an Australian Financial Services licensee before making any financial decisions regarding mortgages, loans or solar financing.