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Australian Solar Quotes is a one stop solar information source, carefully designed to enable our viewers to learn the basics about solar panel technology and solar energy. We research and publish up to date industry news and events as well as providing a national solar directory, detailed with reviews, products and services, locations and more for solar installers and retailers throughout Australia.

We have teamed up with solar panel installers throughout Australia so that we can provide our viewers with independent, competitive and comprehensive quotes on solar panels and other energy saving technologies.

Our team of energy saving enthusiasts work throughout Australia and our head office is based in Brisbane, Queensland. Our network stretches throughout Australia so no matter where your home is we guarantee that we can organise free solar power quotes for you.

The rest of the team is made up from our viewers. That’s right. We encourage all of our viewers to share their experience and feedback by completing a short installer review form so that the rest of Australia can make an informed decision when they choose to go solar.

to find out more about Australian Solar Quotes, browse around our site to read up on the facts about solar energy.

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Meet the team




Darryn Van Hout

Founder and Editor of Australian Solar Quotes

My name is Darryn Van Hout, and believe it or not, I don’t work alone. With close to ten years experience in the Australian energy space, I have networked with industry professionals both in Australia and from around the world to satisfy my ever increasing passion for energy and technology. Whilst on my journey, I have uncovered a strong, close team of professionals that share an interest and work with me on Australia’s leading solar power consumer care website Australian Solar Quotes.

In all honesty, our team does not only consist of the gurus on this page. I also consider various international and national solar energy companies and associates as valued team members as they have made great contributions to this website.

The external contributors include the passionate individuals, companies or organisations who design and manufacture solar panel and inverter technologies. In addition to this, there are the media organisations that oversee and report on the solar energy industry and the larger renewable energy industry as a whole.

I also consider our viewers and users to be a vital part of our team. Just because you use our service, doesn’t mean that you are not a contributor to our service, after all, you have the ability to become an active participant by following, contributing and partnering with Australian Solar Quotes.

As consumers, you have the opportunity to report on your experience if you have chosen to install solar panels on your home or business.

As readers and energy enthusiasts, you can follow our media, whether that be through our online newsletter, social media platforms or directly through our website or smartphone and tablet app.

In any case, please check out the team I have personally assembled for Australian Solar Quotes. They are the core to the business and one of the main reasons that we get so much respect from our viewers and within the industry.

We are all 100% dedicated to renewable energy, and we’re here to help.




Aaron Ware

Managing Director of Queensland Solar Quotes

I got involved with Australian Solar Quotes in 2017 to compliment my background and passion within the solar energy field. I own and manage the Queensland territory, which covers NT also. I’m somewhat of an energy enthusiast, with a strong foundation in the renewables field.

You’ll see me around the website quite a bit, especially if you’re in Queensland. I was born and raised in Brisbane and this is where I begun my electrical engineering career close to fifteen years ago. Over the years I have been heavily involved in the residential sector however spent quite a few years working on large scale projects in the mining, oil and gas sector.

I love technology, home automation, renewable energy technology and most of all, solar energy. It took a good 50 years before the world realised that our sun is a reliable, practical and economically responsible resource and this coupled with the endless supply sunlight makes solar panels the best option for homes and businesses throughout Australia.

I’ve installed well over a thousand solar power systems on rooftops throughout Queensland. I addition to this, I have developed a variety of commercial solar projects, some of which on power purchase agreements, making solar even more attractive and affordable. I work closely with a variety of industry professionals, from wholesalers, retailers, electricians, finance, manufacturers to name a few. This being said, there’s not a question that I can’t answer, so follow my energy blog and feel free to get in touch.

The technology is here, the politicians are starting to swing towards renewables and the Australian community are banding together to drive our country towards a sustainable future. It’s time to save energy! Read more of my content here.


Aaron Ware Solar Power Brisbane Profile Pic





Connor Roberts

Business Development and Account Manager

Connor Roberts fills the author, content manager, and account manager’s role in the company. His experience in journalism and new media means he is informed and up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry, giving him an edge to produce informative and valuable content on emerging renewable energy. As a motivated and dynamic journalist with a strong interest in sustainable solar powered technology, Connor is exactly what ASQ has been looking for in a business development and account manager. Thanks to his deep understanding of social media, content marketing and blogging, he is imperative to ASQ’s successful branding, communication and online presence. Read more of my content here.



Eddy Buckley

Manager & Head Of Media

Eddy Buckley has been a solar advocate for many years. With her background in Mass Communications specialising in Advertising, Marketing and Media and Communications, Eddy brings extensive experience in managing activities focused on steering ASQ’s sales and marketing efforts. Through the free solar energy tips, current news, events and information as well as solar advocacy campaigns, Eddy continues to push the global boundaries of solar technology in the media. Primarily working within the media release department at Australian Solar Quotes and America Solar Quotes, Eddy strives to make ASQ one of the most recognisable solar system brands in Australia’s clean energy market. Read more of my articles here.






Rachel Avery

Digital Design Manager

Rachel is passionate about renewable energy, immersed in public relations, dedicated to interaction design, and energised by Australian Solar Quotes’ commitment to offer users a unique online experience. She combines her interest in the energy field with her rich and artistic abilities to create interactive designs which provide ASQ clientele easy navigation across the site. Rachel’s passion for renewable energy is centred on a concern for energy security and climate change. Rachel is focusing on helping the company extend their solar energy solutions and applications footprint within the Australian energy market.




Georgia Gifford

Senior Editor & Public Relations

With a background in Journalism, PR and Communications, Georgia has a passion for sustainability and social change communications. Her skills in journalism, social media marketing and communications make her a valuable addition to the Australian Solar Quotes team. Georgia’s experience in customer service means she knows how to help, and is able answer any questions you may have regarding your impending solar installation. Her passion for sustainable living has inspired her to create her own blog, which you can read here.




Account Manager and Compliance Representative

Since working in the energy sector, Regine has developed a keen interest in the evolution of renewable energy technology and the importance of sustainability for our future. Her background reflects experience throughout the energy field with a large focus on solar power. From the time she joined ASQ, Regine has been providing oversight on a wide range of renewable energy policy issues as well as running ASQ’s compliance and ethics programs. Regine has experience in all aspects of sales, product management and implementation for clients and her personal experience also spans the energy and financial services industry.

Regine - ASQ Account Manager






Social Media Manager

Tessa is a valued addition to the Australian Solar Quotes team. With a keen knowledge about everything social media, she makes sure that ASQ stays up-to-date across every platform in the online arena. Tessa’s experience with Search Engine Optimisation means she knows how to get our information to you as easily as possible, whether it be on social media or through a Google search. Her strong belief in the importance of solar energy drives her to keep Australian Solar Quotes a part of the solar energy conversation right across the web. She is a highly valued member of the ASQ team.





Author, Researcher and Blogger

Mianne is an energetic author, researcher and blogger for Australian Solar Quotes and Solar Energy News. Since working with Australian Solar Quotes, Mianne has developed an interest and passion for renewable energy and has her finger on the pulse, day in day out for new technologies, trends, investments, companies and more. As a valued member of the team, Mianne is widely accepted amongst her peers and social networks.


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