Girl reading the home solar panels buyers guide before she buys a solar power system
In our 100% free Solar Power Buyer’s Guide, you will have access to expert knowledge as well as resources and tools that will assist you with the transition to solar power.

This is your guide to solar panel prices, financial incentives, technology, design and of course the installation process.


  • Brief background on solar power
  • The 21st century solar boom
  • Rising electricity prices
  • How solar panels work
  • Why you should invest in home solar panels


2. Solar panel prices, rebates and financial incentives

  • Solar panel prices in Australia over the past ten years
  • The cost to buy and install home solar panels in Australia
  • The background on solar power rebates and government incentives leading up to now
  • Current solar panel incentives available to Australian homeowners
  • How to sell the solar energy that your panels produce with the solar feed-in tariffs
  • The cost to go off the grid with solar battery storage
  • Hybrid solar power systems that can store solar energy and sell back to the energy retailers


3. Types of home solar power systems

  • Grid connect solar panels
  • Stand alone solar power systems
  • Off grid solar systems
  • Solar batteries
  • Battery storage
  • Hybrid solar systems
  • Portable solar panels


4. Solar energy installation tips

  • The location and position for you rooftop solar panels
  • When do solar power systems work?
  • Multiple facing solar arrays
  • The impact that your geographic location of your house has on solar energy production
  • How to know what size solar power system is right for your home?


5. Solar system parts and components

  • How solar panels work – the basic and technical explanation
  • What is a solar energy inverter and why do you need one
  • How solar panels are attached to the roof and the components that make up the mounting system
  • Wiring, cables and electrical safety standards


6. What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

  • Find out what your responsibilities are once the solar panels have been installed
  • What responsibilities do the solar companies have after the installation
  • Expanding or upgrading your solar power system in the future
  • Solar panel maintenance, cleaning and monitoring
  • Get the biggest bang for your buck from your solar power investment