australian solar quotes solar panel rebateOn 1 January 2013, the Solar Credit Scheme was closed and replaced by the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Please note that this information is no longer relevant, and is only provided for past reference. 

The Australian Federal Government introduced the Solar Credits Rebate scheme in 2009, to replace the Solar Homes and Communities Plan.

This government solar rebate scheme was set up to financially aid homeowners, businesses and community groups who install small-scale solar PV systems.

Just for reference, the certificates are called STCs.  (Small-scale Technology Certificates). They are a tradable commodity attached to approved installations of renewable energy systems.  To identify the size of a PV system, installers refer to the amount of kW (kilowatts) that the system is set to produce each hour in optimal conditions.

For example, a system with 6 x 250 Watt solar panels would be identified as a 1.5kW system.  Under this solar energy rebate, a 1.5kW system would generate 31 x STCs, subject to meeting the eligible criteria.

Basically, if you chose to install a 1.5kW PV system or higher, you would receive a $1100 point of sale discount from your installer, under the Solar Credit Rebate scheme.

Solar Credits Rebate Explained

The amount of certificates your system would generate depended on the location of the installation. This map illustrates the different zones.

Certificates or STCs have a changing value.  This is because they are tradable.  Basically, when the demand for the certificates is high, the value of the certificates increases.  When the demand is low, the certificate value is low.

For more in-depth information pleasesolar credits rebate map visit: Clean Energy Regulator


The bigger the system, the bigger the point of sale discount. If a 3.0kW system was installed in Zone 3, it would produce 62 certificates.  That’s an additional 31 certificates on top of the 31 for the first 1.5kW’s worth of panels. In dollars, that’s an additional $1,116 discounted at the point of sale making your total discount $2,232.

A 5kW system installed in Zone 3 would produce 103 STCs, making the total point of sale discount $3,708.

Solar Credits rebate examples

Based on $36 per STC. Please note this information is designed to be an estimate, so please only use as a guideline.

a) 1.5kW System

Zone 1 36 STC $1,296
Zone 2 34 STC $1,224
Zone 3 31 STC $1,116
Zone 4 26 STC $936

b) 3.0kW System

Zone 1 72 STC $2,592
Zone 2 68 STC $2,248
Zone 3 62 STC $2,232
Zone 4 52 STC $1,872

c) 5.0kW System

Zone 1 118 STC $3,888
Zone 2 112 STC $3,672
Zone 3 103 STC $3,348
Zone 4 78 STC $2,808

Small Generation Unit Solar Credit Rebate Calculator