Solar Panel Installers Responsibility

Buying a solar power system is not as easy as buying a wheelbarrow at Bunnings, or even a computer or television. It’s more like buying a new car or choosing a school or course.

Bearing this in mind, it’s important that you get it right the first time. Solar panels are a fixed asset for your home and a financial investment, not an ongoing commitment.

When you purchase a new car for instance, you need to sign the papers, register the vehicle, research and select car insurance and the list goes on. When you go solar it’s similar. There is a little paperwork but nothing outrageous. It’s also a good idea to notify your insurer and your mortgage lender or bank and keep them in the loop when you choose to go solar.

When you choose to install solar panels, most of the associated paperwork will be provided by the solar installer or retailer. This will include:

    • Quotation
    • Terms of business
    • Solar Credits application
    • Agreement from your energy retailer
    • Finance documents (if you choose to go for retail finance or solar leasing)
Just remember, there can be a lot of third parties involved when it comes to installing solar panels, so make sure that you stay up-to-date with both your solar panel installer’s and your own responsibilities.

Go Solar Panel Installer

Your Responsibility

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As a buyer, your biggest responsibility is understanding the processes between you, your solar installer, your energy retailer, the solar credit trading company and if you choose retail finance or solar leasing, also the lender’s terms.
Once you are comfortable that you have all the information you need on all of the third parties, you should probably call your home insurer.In any situation, always do your homework.  Read through our solar power buyer’s guide and check out the solar installer reviews.  Stop paying for Australia’s flop investment in upgraded power networks!

Before you sign the contract

    • Read the terms of business
    • Ask the right questions
    • Research the solar company
    • Make sure that your quote states the brand of the solar panels and inverter
    • How soon can the company install the panels?
    • Who is the customer service manager you will maintain contact with regarding your solar investment?
    • What third parties will you need to deal with regarding the PV system? i.e. – an energy retailer