We’re using air-conditioners to ward off the hot effects of global warming, while our air-conditioners contribute to the gas emissions that cause global warming – it doesn’t seem quite right does it? Instead of fighting off the sun to cool you down, have you considered working with it?

Solar-powered air conditioning – A new invention

Almost five percent of Australia’s electricity is used for residential air conditioning, and considering the harsh Australian weather conditions, air conditioners are becoming a necessity; not a luxury. During summer, solar powered air conditioners make a lot of sense and having an effective and highly affordable solar powered air conditioner is indeed a holy grail that most Australians have been looking for.

All the bickering about getting off the grid, paying zero electricity bills and the huge amount of coal burnt to generate enough electricity to power air conditioning, and the poor efficiency of most absorption units on the market in most cases remains empty talk, thus forming part of the crux of Australian energy problems. It’s time to swing into action by fast changing the way we think about solar powered air conditioners.

The world of technology is ever evolving and with the advancements in the solar industry, the sector as we know it is bound to change, forever. Besides the affordable and effective energy storage for alternative sources such as solar and wind (to be discussed in our subsequent posts), solar powered air conditioning is another disruptive technology.

Today, there are several solar powered air conditioners that are already changing the world thanks to their high efficiency levels and BTU output. With these systems, air conditioning doesn’t have to be a burden to your finances, the grid or even contribute to global pollution. If anything, this technology is a new beginning to clean things poised to sustain the planet earth for the long run.

The new solar powered air conditioner is indeed a technological breakthrough. The latest technology utilises thermal (solar) energy to greatly enhance efficiency and airflow while reducing noise.

To date, China is by far the largest global solar thermal market, boasting more than 80% share of the world market and about 50 million m2 of solar collectors in sales every year. The new technology, which was exclusively acquired by ZFZ, facilitates the manufacture of solar collectors that do not only produce heating and hot tap water, but directly provide air conditioning as well. This technology majorly targets customers ranging from hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, the residential sector as well as distributors of solar powered solutions.

With China’s vast number of buildings that need indoor comfort, solar powered air conditioning is definitely a transformational market opportunity with a great future. This is according to the CEO of ZFZ, Mr. Hubert Chan, who added that the company is very optimistic about the addressable China market for their new solar panel business which is expected to generate over RMB 20 billion in revenue each year in the future.

Why Solar Powered Air Conditioners are the future

Indeed, as pressure to go “green” mounts, solar powered air conditioners are also becoming the preferred option for homeowners and major developers and builders. However, with all the great features of this technology, solar air conditioning is worth the investment.

For instance, the ACDC12b solar AC can save users up to 90% on heating or cooling costs. In fact, the new solar air conditioner is all we’ve been waiting for. The conditioner features low cost, faster payback and easy installation. The solar air conditioning technology is unique and requires no inverter, controller or batteries to run. The best thing with this air conditioner is that it comes fully engineered with all solar components installed. All you have to do is plug in the solar panels, turn the unit on and immediately start saving more than 90% on your daytime heating or cooling costs.

The air conditioner is primarily powered by the solar system during the day and only uses little power if any from the utility company if need be. This hybrid system also allows a 24 hour use per day.

For both home and office, the ACDC12b can cool an entire area using 90% or more of the energy harnessed from sunlight. Besides cooling, the ACDC12b solar heat pump also supplies solar powered heating that operates up to a down low outside ambience temperature of 5F. So, no matter how far from the north or south you are, solar powered air conditioners are a viable investment.

The solar air powered hybrid conditioners are ideal for adding comfort to your space without adding cost, as they can significantly cut your daytime cooling and heating bills. With just two to three PV panels, they deliver huge savings effortlessly.

Most solar powered air conditioners are ductless and therefore allow 100% of your cooling or heating to be delivered directly to where it’s needed without losses that often occur in ducted systems.

The solar powered air conditioners mark a new era of the energy efficiency and renewable energy and are bound to a have huge impact on reducing the world’s total energy consumption in both residential and commercial buildings through cost effective use of renewable energy. By marrying highly innovative and ground-breaking technology with accredited solar power companies like Australian Solar Quotes, the transformation of Australia’s energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly solutions that add value to users as well as stakeholders in the solar industry will be achieved within no time.

We are fully compliant with both the Australian and International Standards. If you are in Australia and in need of a solar powered air conditioner, click here.

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