Tesla solar roof installed on Californian rooftops

Reports from excited customers on Twitter reveal that Tesla has begun installing solar rooftops to non-Tesla employees.

Consumers are thrilled with the installationswith the first few volumes of the product being installed for customers living near its manufacturing plant in Fremont, California.

Solar LEGOs

Based on a pic shared on Twitter by @Toblerhaus, the Tesla solar roof product is packaged in blocks that contain a few tiles. The company had earlier explained that this comes in handy in ensuring a seamless physical installation and wiring process while also minimizing the possibility of faulty wiring or roof leakage.    

The image below gives an overhead picture of a Tesla Solar Roof half-way through the installation. The solar roofing tiles are packaged in blocks sized at 1 meter (3 feet). On top of the roof, the wiring is carefully tucked away beneath the solar roof tiles to safeguard against direct sun and water.   

Another Twitter user @triduchuynh took pictures of the removal of the existing roof by Tesla’s roofing crew then shots of the same home having been installed with Tesla Solar Roof three weeks later. The Twitterer added that his home was among those chosen by Tesla for their pilot program owing to its proximity to the Tesla’s manufacturing plant and the company’s easy roof configuration which makes the installation process less challenging.

Just like the unveiling of their Model 3, Tesla is obviously adapting simpler configurations for its initial installations of the Tesla solar roof Tiles as a way of helping its crews to be on top of things first before it fully rolls them out.

With such an innovative product that is certainly a hybrid of solar and roofing, it’s amazing to see Tesla bringing out its tech gadgets into the real world. And most importantly, it’s really encouraging to see more and more people enthusiastic about solar. Thumbs up to Tesla!

Tesla Solar Roof built on a solid foundation

Solar LEGOs manufactured by Tesla come with an incredible lifetime warranty that guarantees the product’s physical integrity for infinity or the home’s life, whichever comes first (as per Tesla trends).  

So far, the first few Tesla solar roof installations indicate that Tesla is climbing the ladder with its solar panels which gives the company an edge in the market and the confidence that the roof is durable and can withstand decades of wear and tear.

According to the recent installation pics, Tesla installers created a foundation featuring a water barrier topped with a wood structure that firmly holds the water barrier down while ensuring that there’s space to mount the solar roofing tile building blocks.

The Titanium PSU 30 has its own limited lifetime warranty for each manufacturer, and ensures a sturdy rubberized asphalt protection against water intrusion.

Bundled with Powerwall

In all the installs we assessed, the Tesla solar roof Tiles were fully bundled with the Tesla Powerwall home energy storage product, with one household having installed three of the powerful 14kWh units. These are adequate to make an average American home completely independent of the main grid for 3½ days without having to alter their energy consumption habits or utilize energy generated by the panels.  

One of the customers noted that Tesla installers were simply “amazing” to partner with and that the new Solar Roof Tiles were availed much faster than those of Model 3. This is no surprise given how complex it is to set up a fully-fledged battery assembly factory, vehicle manufacturing line, supply chain etc., when compared to rolling out a pilot style of solar collector in small units to be installed in chosen homes (including this mine).

Notably, Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles provide great value to a customer with minimal if any visual footprint. On the other hand, some solar enthusiasts say the Solar Roof Tiles offer an improved aesthetic appearance than the ordinary roofing products.  

The Finished Product

The California homes having their rooftops installed with Tesla Solar Roof Tiles are setting the pace for the projected production ramp up for the initial two roofing tile options. The unveiling of the third and fourth roof tile designs will come later.

The textured, slate and Tuscan tiles from Tesla feature the same design as that of the other typical roofing products, while the company’s smooth glass tiles provide a more contemporary, sleek look than the standard roofing products and are bound to become an innovative piece of art in both modern and post-modern homes in the near future.

A quick scan through the home after the Tesla solar roof tile install showed electrified customers who were willing to show off their new smart energy monitoring capabilities that come loaded with the product. For instance, Tesla’s smartphone software allows its users to view the entire process of solar energy generation, usage and electricity flow from available sources and usage units.

For those with Tesla cars, Powerwall and solar roof tiles, energy flow from these units is showcased and can be broken down based on the user’s preference. Indeed, solar energy is a real revolution that is taking the world to the next level.

Brighter Future

In the near future, installs are expected to ramp up even as we look forward to the release of Tesla’s Q1 2018 results, which may have a data-based focus on the company’s Energy business, including the Tesla Powerwalls, Solar Roof Tiles and Powerpacks.   

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