Maverick solar systems: revolutionary portable solar tech

5B, a Sydney-based tech startup company recently launched its portable and pre-fabricated solar technology, Maverick solar systems.

They’re poised to be a real game-changer for Australia’s commercial solar sector, as more businesses look to offset ever rising electricity costs.

For the past few years, the company’s 100 percent portable and fast-to-install solar technology has been designed, engineered and tested by 5B’s talented team of experts.

Implications for commercial market

The renewable energy solution is customized in such a way that it can be shipped to a given project site ready-made, then packed up and removed when it’s no longer needed.

Ideally, this means that a 1 megawatt ~$1 million capital project, for instance can be set up in just five days by a team of six people. Additionally, the systems are designed to be battery storage compatible.

Maverick solar systems will likely be a huge attraction for developers crunching numbers on labour and construction costs in remote and regional areas, and/or mine sites with 5 to 10 year projects that may require solar energy.

The inventive concept has already received support from the federal government through a $250,000 grant to fast-track its commercialisation.

Operational benefits for businesses

“It’s no secret that industry leaders are increasingly looking towards renewables to offset rising energy costs,” noted Chris McGrath chief executive of 5B.

“A 12kW MAV block can be deployed or packed back-up ready for transport in less than 10 minutes. That’s because we prefabricate the solution in our factory, which removes the majority of costly on-site installation requirements and reduces project risk.

“The system is also readily compatible with energy storage, so businesses can save the extra energy they produce.
McGrath stated that maverick solar systems will particularly benefit remote and large-scale electricity, infrastructure and mining projects, as well as energy generators and solar farm construction contractors.

“With both grid-connected and off-grid customers facing rising energy costs, our technology coupled with increasingly affordable energy storage will help to remove some pressure from a business’ bottom line,” he added.

Portable commercial panels represent a shift in the portable solar market, which until now have been largely restricted to small systems in the consumer market.

The Author

I took an interest in the Australian energy sector close to ten years ago and since then have monitored the trends, technologies and direction of the Australian Energy Market. I was drawn to the Australian solar market in 2008 and since then have worked heavily in the field. I am partnered with national and international solar energy companies, from manufacturers of solar panel and inverter technology, online software developers that introduce tools to quote, monitor and manage solar power systems and media organisations who like myself, closely monitor the solar and renewable energy sector.