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Renewable Energy International or REI is a Perth-based solar power specialist founded to function as a supplier of the best quality solar energy systems to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and burning of fossil fuels to produce conventional electricity for homes.

The best thing about solar solutions is that they add more value to your property while you obtain free and renewable energy minus the carbon emissions.

REI’s services include designing, supplying and installing PV solar modules, inverters, mounting frames and storage batteries that are from the most trusted solar companies such as SMA andRead more

Samil Power. They also offer grid-tie inverters, electric utility vehicles and DC isolation products.

Why are solar power systems good investments? Having a solar power system installed in your property means you are wise enough to consider your long-term need for energy and your share in its positive effects to the environment. Even rural areas can benefit from the residential off-grid power systems, a much inexpensive way of obtaining energy minus the costs for purchasing diesel fuel, delivery, maintenance and overhauls for diesel generator sets. And of course, the company ensures hiring only the most qualified and professional team of contractors to do the installation task for you.”

08 9258 6656
Unit 4, 5 Karratha StreetWelshpool, WA, 6106