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Solar Edwards is a hot water system company with its origins located in the Southwestern region of Western Australia. The company has been providing solar hot water systems for the Australian market for the past 40 years.

Solar Edwards has been a leader in solar hot water systems for both domestic and commercial markets across various continents and countries in the world.

Their stainless steel hot water system is considered to be the company’s trademark product that offers both environmental and financial investments at its finest.

Solar-powered solutions are better alternatives that contribute to lowerRead more

fossil fuel energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions which are major pollutants to the environment. While you contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, you also lower your energy costs and expenses by utilizing the free and renewable source of energy – the sun.

Solar Edwards offer non-frost roof-mounted, frost protected-roof-mounted and loline ground mounted systems for household purposes. They also offer GXC and LEX series, HEV series, Heatmate and SHX Series of commercial solar hot water systems.

Perth, WA, 6000