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Metro Solar – Tasmania is an innovative solar company that offers environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions to distribute a sufficient amount of energy sourced from the sun.

Metro Solar’s products have a better edge versus the standard solar products offered by other companies because of the high-quality and powerful components used to develop each unit according to the highest quality standards for manufacturing and quality check. Each solar panel has an AC-based microinverter installed to give energy conversion a greater boost in terms of performance.

There are more things than just solar systems that Metro Solar canRead more

offer to its clients. The solar system package also comes with a Power Tracker software specifically developed to cater to the monitoring needs of the users in determining their total energy consumption for the entire household or business or for a specific appliance only.

Metro Solar also offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty for each unit purchased that cannot compare to the 15-year service warranty offered by other companies for their units. This means lower costs for maintenance and repair as well.

Let Metro Solar’s products be a good investment for your home or business. Learn more about their great product packages and installation services today!

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Hobart, TAS, 7002

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