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Solahart is an Australian-based solar company that began its humble beginnings in the year 1953 as a leading manufacturer of products that source energy from the sun.

The company launched its first ever solar product, the solar water heater, shortly. Now, Solahart offers a wider range of solar products but still maintains the solar water heater. The company services many businesses, homes and industries with the most comprehensive solar packages and have already installed more than 3,000 solar water heaters and 2,000 solar power systems.

In Fraser Coast, 10 experienced, knowledgeable and skilled individuals provide quality customerRead more

service and the best installations that meet the Australian Standards. Solahart Fraser Coast is only one of the many Solahart branches that cover specific regions in Australia to specifically cater to the region’s local climate and sun distribution.
07 4124 2522
Unit 1, 99 Islander RoadHarvey Bay, QLD, 4655