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Pedleys Solar Brisbane is Queensland’s leading solar retailer. Having access to Australia’s best solar panel prices, Pedleys Solar is able to deliver custom designed solar power systems for homes and businesses.

Pedleys Solar Brisbane

Based in the great south east, Pedleys Solar holds market share in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Pedleys Solar has been in the electrical trade for over 40 years, servicing tens of thousands of Brisbane residents. With strong relationships with Brisbane’s leading real estates, Pedleys Solar Brisbane has a large network of clients made up of homeRead more

owners, the rental market as well as the commercial market.

Online Solar Shop

For a fast and convenient service, Pedleys Solar hosts an online solar shop, giving you the convenience of searching for the perfect solar system on your computer or smart phone. The online solar shop has a range of solar power systems, from 3.0kW, to 6.5kW Platinum Solar panel systems.

Commercial Solar Power

Brisbane’s commercial solar market has increased significantly over the past ten years. Pedleys Commmercial Solar division has develop a range of systems to cater for small to medium businesses as well as larger commercial clients, including Ideal Electrical. Pedleys Solar’s power purchase agreements (PPA’s) enable businesses to install solar panels at no cost, and save as much as 15c per kWh. This model has enabled a large number of businesses to more than half their power bills, some saving over $1 million every year.

For more information about Pedleys Solar Brisbane, check out the Pedleys Solar website.

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37 Mortimor Rd, Unit 10Acacia Ridge, Queensland, 4110

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