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Solgen Energy Group defines the new era of clean energy. Solgen Energy Group has grown to become the No. 1 commercial solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, offering renewable solutions to government institutions, businesses and commercial clients across Australia. We have evolved and diversified into various areas of specialty, and our extensive knowledge and qualifications underpin our unmatched capability to provide clean energy solutions for businesses throughout Australia.

As a full service company with well-rounded experts with top skillsets, we are cohesive and work hard to design, build and accelerate the power of renewables for everyone. We’reRead more

engineers, finance specialists, salespeople, project managers, installers, and customer relations experts committed to providing the highest referral and customer satisfaction rates in the country. At Solgen Energy Group, we ensure all installations are performed by highly skilled technicians and professionals, who follow rigorous and well-stipulated quality assurance regulations. What’s more, we are friendly and ensure 100% customer satisfaction with a bespoke experience.

Why Solgen Energy Group?

We offer industry-leading warranties and service. We steer the change we wish to see. We are not only part of a critical industry, but also at the forefront of change with our competence, knowledge and credentials.

Shaping a new, participatory era of energy

We partner with top industry leaders, businesses and technology specialists to ensure clean energy is available and accessible by all.

Engineering at our core

We are simply agile, responsive with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers that always designs and delivers the right solutions regardless of our client’s size, industry or passion.

Brand open to growth

We utilize the best-in-class products and brands from across the globe, enter into exclusive partnerships and are innovative with emerging technology. We have a dedicated new ventures team that facilitates this growth.

Solgen Energy boasts some of the highest ratings and best reviews in the Australia solar energy industry. To discuss more about what we can do for you, call us on 1300 660 704 to speak to an energy consultant.

13 0066 0704
33 Herbert Street St, Level 1St Leonards, New South Wales, 2065

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