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Positive Solar is a solar system installation company that delivers reliable, clean and affordable energy solutions for homes and businesses in Australia.

Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of households to install solar on their rooftops through genuine rebates and government offers while ensuring energy efficiency and money-saving renewable energy alternatives.

We are positive about solar and we work hard to provide our customers with informed choices about solar power and achieving energy independence. We help consumers cut ties with their utility companies, and generate their own clean electricity with their solar systems.

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Our packaged systems are customised with you in mind, and our solutions feature readymade silver bullet solutions of 5 kW or 6.5kW, all battery ready or compatible with batteries. We also have a selection of batteries that are available for immediate installation.

Great Investment

Solar is a viable investment and homeowners can save up to 100% on their monthly utility bills, and of course get a return on investment that supersedes that of most mutual funds.

Going green and saving money on your solar PV system is our #1 priority. We are committed to helping solar customers to replace their monthly electricity bills and achieve freedom of powering their homes without the worry of cost.

We at Positive Solar have an amazing team with a positive attitude towards our service to you. As such, we are passionate about what we do and always deliver excellent customer service that is simply unmatched.

Do you want sure control over your energy bills and security of your power supply? Trust our experts to help you determine the best solar system size for your needs and which can generate clean energy quietly without pollution.

Our range of high-quality products delivers excellent value for homeowners and businesses. If you have any questions about solar or are ready to have a system installed, feel free to call, e-mail, or message us. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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660 George Downes DriveKulnura, New South Wales, 2250

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