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Saving money and energy at the same time can be quite difficult especially with the increasing costs for electric consumption. Metro Solar – Queensland offers cost-efficient solutions perfect for home or commercial use.

Metro Solar offers intelligent solar systems that make use of its component’s full potential without the need for full solar light emissions to function accordingly. Each solar panel is infused with AC microinverters that increase the potential of the unit by boosting the energy conversion process. With the microinverters, a higher percentage of energy can be generated compared to the traditional systems that other solarRead more

companies offer. Metro Solar offers a 25-year warranty for each system, 10 years more than the standard 15-year warranty most companies offer.

And if clients want to monitor whether their solar panel investment works efficiently, Metro Solar has Power Tracker software that allows users to view their energy usage for the entire household or establishment and even determine how much energy is used for each appliance.

Discover the many benefits of getting Metro Solar’s complete system and tracking software and be prepared to make the most out of your unit for more savings. Make your investment in high-quality solar panels today!

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Central Coast, NSW, 2261

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