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Electricity costs can keep increasing as each billing period comes and keeping up with the expenses for running appliances can be difficult. What you need is an efficient source of energy that allows you to save more while contributing to a greener environment at the same time.

Metro Solar – Australian Capital Territory offers practical and very efficient solar panel solutions that can compete hand-in-hand with the many available solar products sold by many companies in the Australian market. What makes Metro Solar’s product stand out?

Each solar panel purchased from Metro Solar ensures customers theRead more

best quality as proven by the according standard testing and quality check procedures. The most outstanding component of each solar panel that beats other solar products in the market is the use of AC-based microinverters in increasing the conversion potential of the unit. The company also offers 25 years of service warranty for each purchased unit – 10 years more than the standard 15 years service warranty offered by other companies.

What’s more is that you can track the energy consumed for running the appliances in your household as a whole or individually using the Power Tracker software made available for access using a mobile phone or a computer – a great and convenient way to monitor your energy consumption!

Find out more about Metro Solar’s solar product and tracker today!

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