Quality solar power leads

Our detailed form has been carefully designed to capture qualified solar power leads.

Our viewers are home and business owners who are genuinely interested in purchasing solar panels. We offer a 4-week customer care program to all viewers who register with Australian Solar Quotes.

Service for ASQ solar power leads

  • Our lead generation process as allows you flexibility to start or stop the flow of leads whenever you like.
  • You will get a customised profile page on our site to promote your business at no cost (upgrade packages available)
  • Your brand will be promoted on our nation-wide website so you can be seen with the big boys.
  • We maintain contact with prospects to keep them in the buying zone
  • We offer on-demand customer support to our endorsed installers and valued viewers

Cost of ASQ solar power leads

  • Our qualified solar power leads start at $39.90+gst each
  • You can cap your lead volume to suit your monthly budget
  • We have flexible payment options to suit your business
  • No start-up fees

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Remember:  There are no lock-in contracts or start up fees with Australian Solar Quotes. You simply pay for the solar power leads that you receive.

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From time to time, there can be a minor glitch with our software and because of this, it is not unusual for one of the many lead qualification and verification functions to malfunction. In the unlikely event of this happening, ASQ has a fair and reasonable invalid lead policy that allows you report a lead that is invlalid. In this instance, the submission is reviewed by one of our internal customer care and compliance staff.

The invalid lead criteria are:

  • The lead is a duplicate to a lead that has already been assigned to you by ASQ
  • The lead is outside your elected service area
  • You are unable to get in contact with the prospect

Since 2009, our team have been developing sophisticated software that simultaneously process combination of algorithms to control the collection, assignment, management and communication for individual requests that a processed via Australian Solar Quotes. Because of this, it is unlikely that a request for the same lead to be assigned to a retailer more than once, it is unlikely that a lead located out side of the geographical services area that you have selected will be assigned to you, and unlikely that contact cannot be established with the lead. If any of the above events occur, simply log in to the portal and follow the invalid lead procedure. This will notify our team, enabling us to initiate our internal processes.

If you have made reasonable effort to establish contact with a lead assigned to you by ASQ, yet are yet to connect with them, then you are able to let us know via the invalid lead reporting system. What we consider a reasonable effort is at leads 2 attempts per day for a minimum of 4 days. When you submit a lead as invalid for the reason ‘unable to establish contact’, both the lead and our customer service team are notified so that we can do what we can to connect.