Roofing Inspections Could be Saving You Money and Here’s How

It’s near impossible to determine the actual condition of a roof or your solar panels by merely looking at it. Roof repairs and replacements can cost a homeowner an arm and a leg to change. Hence, roof inspections can help you reduce costly roof repairs in future.

Homeowners or prospective buyers should consider scheduling a roof inspection with a professional roofing company that also provides dependable roof maintenance and repairs so as to know the true status of their home’s roof.

A roof inspection differs from a professionally done roof maintenance appointment, because homeowners ought to carry out these between scheduled appointments. Besides helping you to understand the true condition, roof inspections can also help you save huge amounts of money.

Why You Should Conduct Regular Roofing Inspections

Regular roofing inspections are a necessity as they help the homeowner to understand their solar panels and roof’s condition and assist in managing the proper maintenance. This, in turn, increases the roof’s and solar panel’s lifespan.

More often than not, reliable roof inspections not only detect roofing problems but also help homeowners to prioritise their home improvement projects. Some of the common roof problems a proper roof inspection can highlight include:

  • Leakages or cracks in the roof
  • Debris in the roof gutters
  • Missing tiles
  • Moss or plant growth
  • Roof drooping or sagging
  • Rust
  • Dents
  • Damaged Solar Panels

There are many more reasons you need to have your roof inspected on a regular basis.

Usually, a normal roof maintenance routine will feature a roofing maintenance activity scheduled every 3-5 years, and carried out by a qualified roofer. During these appointments, a homeowner is expected to do visual inspection of their roof at least once a year and after a heavy storm.

A professional roofing contractor should be involved when visible problems such as missing tiles or flashing, hail damaged roofs or a hole within the roof are noted.

While commercial roofing inspections require a roofer to climb onto the roof, homeowners should avoid doing this or repairing the roof on their own. Instead, one can use a pair of binoculars on any clear day to visually inspect the roof from the edge to the ridge, while taking note of the roofing problems, if any. In this age of technology, some homeowners opt to use remote-controlled drones to do video recordings via a camera mounted on them. Video inspections are preferred as they provide content for later review or reference, however they can not be relied upon fully, as the resolution on some drone cameras may not capture all visual damage.

How Roofing Inspections Result in Savings

Once it’s installed, your roof is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements day in day out. As such, wear and tear becomes inevitable regardless of what you do. Sadly, majority of homeowners only react to possible roofing problems after the fact.

For example, when rainwater starts to leak into the home or when your attic becomes too hot during summer, many homeowners just take the bare minimum action to have the roof inspected and repaired, yet these problems are red flags indicative of advanced stages of roof damage and ultimately, costly roof repairs.

Fortunately, roofing problems are largely preventable through routine roof inspections. The cost of repairing minor problems such as a missing piece of tile, a loose sheet or dented pieces of tin, could be a small portion of a bigger and more demanding roof repair job.

A homeowner may think that their insurance premiums would cover the cost of repairing the roof, but neglecting your roof may result in increased deductibles. There’s no insurance provider ready and willing to offer coverage for an ignored roof. Also, a well-maintained roof can help you avoid an unplanned, costly roof replacement.

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