An Introduction To Q CELLS Solar Panels

Over the last decade, solar power has secured a place in the sun as the most reliable, affordable and abundant source of energy capable of creating a more sustainable future now and for generations to come.

Today, the solar market has become vibrant with great advancement in solar technology; albeit the lack of mass-production of durable and efficient solar cells.

The available traditional solar cells lag behind in providing unique features and delivering outstanding performance under real-life conditions.

That could just explain why Q CELLS solar panels are fast becoming attractive, thanks to their unmatched Q.ANTUM technology.

Why Q CELLS Solar Panels Are the Best Bet

Founded in Thalheim, Germany in 1999, Hanwha Q CELLS is the world’s largest producer of solar cells as well as one of the largest manufacturers known to use cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality solar modules on the planet.

With the world’s largest module testing centres where more than 250 engineers and scientists constantly work on improving solar cell technology, the company sets the standards for the solar industry, consistently and innovatively manufacturing solar systems that guarantee superior product performance, highest panel yields and a proven product reliability.

Q CELLS is one of the most awarded PV brands in the world. The company’s certified and award-winning solar panels were recently awarded the best polycrystalline model, by Photon, a company that rigorously tests hundreds of modules each year.

Moreover, back in 2004, Q CELLS was the company to establish the industry-standard 6-inch cell size that you can see nowadays on rooftops. The company also was the first to ensure their cells were free of hot spots in 2008 and made the first full-square monocrystalline solar cell in 2010. The list of innovations has gone on since then.

All solar cells going into a Q CELL panel are made by Q CELLS, which is the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer.

With a winning combination of reasonable pricing and superior quality, Q CELLS solar panels, which are engineered with expertise, provide affordable and dependable solar solutions to everyone – residential, commercial and industry as well as power plants.

Interestingly, Q in the brand name Q CELLS stands for Quality, as in Quality Control.

Q.ANTUM Technology: More than Just Your Usual PERC

Engineered in Q CELLS Center for Technology, Innovation and Quality in Germany, Q CELLS solar panels boast the best-in-class performance which makes solar power the better choice for both households and businesses across Australia.

The company’s polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules feature Q.ANTUM cell technology that generates power through a light reflection process – passivation of the rear side (PERC) of a solar cell.

So what’s so special about Q.ANTUM Technology? The rear surface of a Q.ANTUM solar cell is treated with a very thin coating that reflects the sun rays back through the cell to generate electricity. Otherwise, these rays would be wasted.

Q Cell Q.Antum Technology

Packed with powerful technological elements, the solar cells guarantee long-term yield security and reduced levelised cost of energy (LCOE) under real-world conditions.

Some of the Q.ANTUM technology’s lasting yield security features such as the Anti-PID technology, Traceable Quality, Hot Spot Protect and Anti-Lid Technology (LID and LeTID), not only come with great power classes but also perform exceptionally well in high temperature or low-light conditions.

With the six bus-bar technology, these solar panels also ensure better reliability and efficiency by reducing the distance between the bus-bars. Most of the competition on the market currently offer only 4-5 busbars.

In July 2017, the company achieved an outstanding milestone of one billion commercially mass-produced Q.ANTUM solar cells, an equivalent of 5 GW of solar panels for consumers–businesses, households and communities.

The company further confirmed its industry leadership during the first quarter of 2018 when it recorded a whopping 8 GW of Q.ANTUM solar cells.

Currently headquartered in South Korea and Germany, Q CELLS is a solid solar company that is ranked among the most reliable solar companies that deliver excellent panels warranted to drop at 0.6% annually – which is remarkable.

Why Q CELLS Are Great For Australian Conditions

Q CELLS are ideal for Australian conditions as they have a great temperature coefficient, as displayed by performance in Australian Desert testing.

They are also best in class in wind load – passing cyclone testing at James Cook, which is ideal, for example, for QLD conditions.

Four major advantages of using Q CELLS solar panels expertly engineered in Germany are that they help consumers to:

  • Make long-term savings on their electricity costs
  • Increase the value of their property
  • Safeguard the environment and reduce carbon footprints
  • Generate passive income

Q CELLS also offers 12-year product warranty compared to the 10 years offered by most of the competition.

Partner with Australian Solar Quotes to create a more sustainable future for Australia by harnessing infinite energy from nature using Q CELLS solar panels.

The signed and sealed solar modules set the standard for quality and efficiency.

It pays to generate clean energy produced by the unlimited sunlight. Q CELLS solar panels can be trusted to make this a reality today and into the future.

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