The Wattcost smart home energy monitor is in it’s final stage of production. The long awaited release of Australia’s smartest home energy monitor is expected to set shock waves through out the country, setting a new benchmark for smart home technology. Invented by none other than David Soutar, one of Australia’s top gizmo enthusiasts, the innovation and sophisticated technology behind the home energy monitor will change the way that families consumer energy both in Australia and around the world.


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Read the full Wattcost product review to gain a more in depth view on the smart home device that will change the way that homes and business manage their electricity.



The team at Wattcost have now smashed their crowdfunding campaign goal of $150k to get product tooling and local manufacturing underway. And, as we wrote their first solar product review, are offering our readers the opportunity to purchase a Wattcost for their solar (or non-solar) home with an extra 10% off the Early Bird price! Enter promotion code ASQ10 during checkout to receive this extra discount.


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