Product Review: Brighte Capital’s Solar Finance

Brighte Capital is a reputable and fast-growing company that brings the best energy innovation home through an interest-free platform tailored for energy installations and renovations. The company provides a quicker and simpler way for consumers to pay, and a unique tool for vendors to drive increased sales and achieve their target working capital. Steered by a diverse team of highly inspired, innovative and genuine professionals passionate about changing the world one roof at a time, Brighte’s platform allows homeowners to make on-the-spot credit decisions to buy now and pay later.

The company’s no interest payment plans are offered through streamlined processes that target niche market segments like solar energy and smart home technologies.

Since it’s launch in 2015, Brighte Capital’s online platform has connected over 6000 homeowners with primarily solar companies with the aim to tackle rising energy prices through solar panel installation. The $45 million already financed is set to increase dramatically thanks to the recent announcement of NAB’s support in the fintech product by providing a $20 million debt facility to Brighte.

Also backed by Atlassian founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, Brighte Capital’s Godzilla sized footprint in the Australian solar market has has put pressure on other retail finance companies including Certegy Ezi-Pay who are based in Adelaide and founded in 1987 and UK founded company RateSetter who established their brand in Australia in August 2012.


Brighte Capital’s interest free solar finance product is not the same as the Queensland Government interest free solar loans announced by Palaszczuk.


Where did Brighte start?

Brighte founder Katherine McConnell is known and widely recognised as one of Australia’s most influential fintech entrepreneurs of our time. Dedicating her career to the financial sector, McConnell’s idea turned goal has brought the archaic process of securing a loan to a fast, simple digital platform that integrates the consumer to supplier tech trend that we have seen come to fruition in recent years. Leading platforms like Uber, Airtasker and Australian Solar Quotes have pioneered this communication breakthrough within its niches however McConnell’s amalgamation of solutions tied to a smart soon to be household brand as the company continues to grow from it’s current 400 vendors.


Paying too much for electricity?

To date, Australians have used Brighte Capital to acquire with convenience all the latest innovations from solar panel installations, flooring, roofing and home renovation.

If you wish to make your home energy efficient however lack the finance or capital needed to buy solar panels outright, then Brighte is the company to call.

Their customer support team can be contacted Monday to Friday during office hours and are trained to answer questions including one heard more often than not – How much do solar panels cost?


How Brighte works

The process is as simple. First, you register online via the Brighte website or smartphone app. Once your application is approved, you get access to highly vetted vendors offering interest-free products.

The platform provides a flexible repayment plan every fortnight with zero interest charges. On approval, the customer pays a deposit if required by the vendor before installation or service delivery. Brighte will then send you a text or email to confirm receipt of what you requested, and thereafter settle your account with the vendor and receive repayments from you fortnightly. Once you complete paying off the outstanding amount, you will be allowed to use Brighten to finance any other need again.


Brighte’s fair interest free solution features:

  • Secure credit details
  • Access to a variety of vendors
  • Fast approval process
  • Broadened maximum limit
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Increasing credit

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What are Brighte’s fees?

Although customers to Brighte access no interest ever finance, there are still fees. These include:

  • $1 per week account keeping fee
  • $4.99 late payment fee (this may be charged and communication is key in this instance)

The company has recently simplified their pricing and removed application fee (previouslly it would cost you $75) and fortnightly processing fee ($2.99). What this means for you, provided you pay on time, you’ll now incur just one fee – a $1 per week account keeping fee charged at the same time and frequency as your existing repayment.


“Our vendors are like family. We rely on each other to deliver the exceptional service that we are known for” – Jean-Pierre Naim, Director of Vendor Management at Brighte Capital


Brighte Capital Product Review on Australian Solar Quotes


How do I become a Brighte vendor?

The application process to become a Brighte vendor includes a series of steps, all of which are in place to ensure Brighte’s responsible lending practice is met. Although the digital platform is know for fast online communication and not face to face, the Brighte vendor application process includes a more nurturing approach.

The next stage in the process includes vendor training. This is carried out by one of Brighte’s friendly state level representatives and includes involvement of all parties that are directly and indirectly involved in the point of sale process. The online platform for Bright’s vendors gives control to company owners by allowing them to create users easily within minutes. Vendors can manage permissions easily, ensuring the Brighte application user roles match the level of access required to execute individual tasks.

The feedback that I have received from solar sales reps around Australia has been exceptional. The Brighte App that is available on both iOS and Android gives sales reps around the country a fast point of sale tool that pre-approved prospective customers within minutes.


“When I don’t have to carry a pen, it’s one less thing to slow me down” – Brian Adams – Solar Sales Executive


Become a Brighte vendor now!



Brighte code of conduct

In my time, I have seen many opportunists in the solar energy industry and if it were not for non-profit organisations like the Smart Energy Council and the Clean Energy Council, then the industry would be like the current concurrency rush. Establishing relationships with industry related professionals is essential for the growth and how to choose what parties to partner with could be much harder if it were not for platforms like Linkedin and Solatrust. I for one am a strong ambassador of responsible business practices and for the sake of this product review, I feel it is important to point out one of the key differences between Brighte and Certegy that captured my attention. Unlike Certegy, Brighte conduct on the spot credit checks on prospective customers as part of their application process.


What does this mean?

In the interest of their customers personal financial situations, Brighte’s responsible lending practice and code of conduct prevents families from biting off more than they can chew.

To any business and in this case, a solar retailer – this could be seen as a disadvantage. Another hoop to jump through in the interest of securing a customer could mean less sales. To a responsible solar business owner, one of which is in it for the long turn will see the positive aspect of Brighte’s credit check. Enforced by Brighte’s code of conduct, the credit check is in place to protect Australian families as well as the partnered organisations.



BRIGHTE No Interest Solar Finance-ASQ

Brighte Capitals retail finance option for home owners allow Australians to buy solar panels without the upfront costs.
No Interest Solar Finance


Shopping with Brighte

Want to improve your home with affordable energy efficient installations and save thousands of dollars each year? From solar panels to batteries, air conditioning to energy efficient lighting, Brighte’s got you covered with 0% interest payment plan.

Trust Brighte’s interest free payment plan today for convenience and an amazing home remodel and face lift the easy way!


If you’d like to share your experience with solar finance companies, or have any questions relating to solar finance or my Brighte Capital product review, comment below and start the discussion!

The Author

I took an interest in the Australian energy sector close to ten years ago and since then have monitored the trends, technologies and direction of the Australian Energy Market. I was drawn to the Australian solar market in 2008 and since then have worked heavily in the field. I am partnered with national and international solar energy companies, from manufacturers of solar panel and inverter technology, online software developers that introduce tools to quote, monitor and manage solar power systems and media organisations who like myself, closely monitor the solar and renewable energy sector.