Rugby Run Solar Farm creates 150 Adani jobs

Thanks to Adani’s commitment to renewable energy, Moranbah will soon be home to one of the biggest solar farms in Australia, and which comes with 150 Adani job opportunities.

The grand project on Adani’s Rugby Run facility will gobble more than $100 million on the first stage of work as per the estimated budget for constructing the solar plant.

According to Jennifer Purdie, the chief executive officer of Adani Renewables, following approval by the Isaac Regional Council to proceed with the development, the company expects to complete the project’s first phase by the end of this year.

Already, Adani site preparations are underway including engineering designs and cultural heritage surveys. Orders for critical equipment to be used in the project are also being secured.

“This is an exciting project in terms of its size, location, and the technology we are using,” Dr Purdie said about the Adani project.

“This will be Adani Renewables’ first project – the first of many – and we thank the Isaac Regional Council, in particular Mayor Anne Baker and her officers for their assistance and encouragement.”

The first stage of the 65MW Rugby Run Solar Farm for Adani will be constructed on a 600ha block, part of which was previously used as a property for Rugby Run grazing.

Its development will feature the newest mono-PERC technology and single-axis tracking systems designed to improve efficiency and output. Subsequent stages are expected to take the energy generation volume to 170MW.

Rugby Run Solar Farm creates 150 Adani jobs

Adani’s solar projects add to the company’s massive $16.5 billion investment in various industries including rail and port infrastructure, as well as a proposed Carmichael coal mine in Galilee Basin, Queensland.

The Rugby Run Solar Farm project for Adani is planned for completion in about 12 months from the date when its work commences.

It’s also estimated that the workforce will peak at 150 employees during construction, with about six employees working on full time basis.

Isaac Mayor Anne Baker added that the council supported responsible industry development which genuinely engages all stakeholders in its state development processes.

“We are excited to welcome Rugby Run Solar Farm as the first Adani renewable energy project in the region,” she said.

“This project continues to diversify our local economy, and will contribute towards a sustainable future for both Isaac and the state.

“We look forward to the employment opportunities and long-term benefits that Rugby Run will deliver to our communities.”

This is great to see a coal mine implementing procedures in place to counter their emissions for the environment. I thought that we were installing a  lot of solar panels in Brisbane but this will really take the cake!  Thousands and thousands of solar panels will be  installed which to me is very exciting..the more solar panels installed the better for everyone!

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