Rooftop solar makes 48% of SA’s electricity generation

Just like NSW, South Australia has set a new record for powering 48% of its energy needs using rooftop solar.

Interestingly, South Australia recorded the lowest power demand last weekend owing to a surge in rooftop solar uptake across the region. The state set the record within a week after a series of low records.

Rooftop Solar to Ensure Zero Grid Demand by 2027

According to the latest figures, South Australia’s level of minimum electricity demand from the grid hit a record low just a week after achieving another low demand record, following increased installation of rooftop solar panels.

On September 17, the level of power demanded from the grid stood at 587.8MW, surpassing the low mark set the previous week of 786.42MW.

In addition, while record low demand times often happened during the night, the new low demand records took place in the middle of the day despite these hours being considered as peak energy consumption hours in terms of solar power generation.

Ideally, during times of average early spring temperatures (when fewer air conditioners are being powered) combined with rising rooftop solar panel output above 700MW; do well explain the new record.

The recently released numbers show that 47.8% of South Australia’s electricity demand is powered by rooftop solar, up by more than 10% in one week. This is SA’s regional best, and possibly thrashes any other record set by other same-sized grid anywhere else.

New Energy Sources

According to estimates by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), South Australia could achieve a record low demand of 354MW come year 2019 and potentially a zero grid demand over a ten-year period. Western Australia is following suit.

As energy prices and demand continues to drop, AEMO officials are trying to shift practices in a bit to cope with the emerging reality. For instance, South Australia is now the first region to consider the middle of the day as an off-peak period.

Other global countries are also working to set and break their own records. Currently, the UK is generating nearly one-third of its electricity from renewable energy.

On the other end, China has been making impressive strides all year round with its massive generation of power using renewables.

Notably, while the US government refuses to support these remarkable initiatives, specific cities and states like California are continuously working to smash their own records.

This trend is likely to be replicated across other cities and states in America because renewables are certainly the smarter the future.

Rooftop Solar Makes 48% of South Australia’s Electricity generation

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