Queensland Government rejects the LNP energy plan damning it ‘shoddy’

The Government of Queensland claims the Liberal National Party is using the inclusion of solar energy in its ‘Real Plan’ for energy to hide its ideological obsession with coal. Curtis Pitt, Treasurer, and Acting Energy Minister said when it comes to renewable energy matters particularly wind and solar power, the LNP energy plan cannot be trusted. He noted that the Government’s ‘Powering Queensland Plan’ was an ideal choice.

“Queenslanders haven’t forgotten the 43 percent increases they saw during the term of the previous LNP government with Tim Nicholls as Treasurer,” Mr Pitt said.

“He promised households a $120 saving, but instead whacked them with a $436 increase on average.”

Renewable energy thriving under Palaszczuk Government

According to Mr Pitt, the LNP energy plan was simply “vacuous” in terms of renewables. He also termed it “a shoddy policy made up of existing procedures”.

“We saw a renewable energy blackout under the LNP, not one large-scale renewable project was commissioned during their term and 1,300 renewable industry jobs were lost.”

Mr Pitt also noted that the state under Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was experiencing a renewable energy boom.

“Queensland is reaping the benefits of renewable investment because we have got the policy settings right through our 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target by 2030.

“The independent Renewable Energy Expert Panel confirmed our RET will be cost neutral over 13 years.”

New coal-fired power station to cost $3 billion

Mr Pitt thwarted LNP’s plans to privately-fund a high-efficiency, low-emissions coal-fired station in the northern part of Queensland.

“A new coal-fired power station will take seven years to build and cost upward of $3 billion,” he said.

He added that the Palaszczuk Government’s ‘Powering Queensland Plan’ ensured electricity assets remained in public hands.

According to the Acting Energy Minister, the $1.16 billion plan will boost Queensland’s sustainable energy mix which includes gas, coal, wind and solar power, while guaranteeing power bill reductions to low-income earners in Queenslanders.

In their ‘Real Plan’, the LNP insists that with the current excess supply of generated electricity, no new energy sources will be required until 2021-22.

Further, the Party claims that the new renewable capacity is designed to ensure Australia meets its Renewable Energy Target. Despite pointing to falling costs of renewable energy, the LNP energy plan policy again claims renewables are “still more expensive than fossil fuels”.

Queensland Government rejects the LNP energy plan damning it ‘shoddy’

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