Tesla Introduces Pickup Truck and Final Model 3

If you thought we’ve already seen the best from Tesla, think again!

Tesla is powering ahead with its impending electric pickup truck planned for a show off within the next two years, according to Elon Musk, the company CEO’s recent post on his Twitter page.

Musk teased the pickup during the unveiling of the second part of his “master plan” for the Tesla Company, which initially hit the market with expensive vehicles such as Model S and the Roadster.

Musk previously described the truck as a “new kind of pickup”, despite alluding to the concept before that. Owing to it’s success back home, Tesla’s dream to produce pickups is valid and poised for success. The company is set to create this category alongside a low cost compact SUV, also referred to as Model Y.

The CEO also insinuated a forthcoming semi-truck announcement planned for September this year, and an amazing convertible version of its Roadster vehicle to be launched during the next Tesla’s first vehicle iteration, which comes in as a high-priced car targeting luxury buyers.

And for those customers who have been waiting for their Model 3 pre-orders, Elon has good news for you. Apparently, these orders will be received relatively sooner than expected as the final Model 3 production disclosure is set for July.

This is expected to rhyme well with reports of multiple prototypes on various streets around Tesla HQ, and its expected shipping timeline, which will hopefully see the first few units released to customers before the end of this year.

By availing their Model 3 along with their Model S and Model X premier vehicles, Musk said this would ensure their future-compact SUV and pickup meets the demands of the existing consumer market.

For the lower cost segments, the dude believes that multi-passenger transportation options such as Tesla’s anticipated shuttle bus vehicle designed to carry more people is ideal vs. the traditional lower cost consumer cars.

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