Tesla revamps stores in US, Australia, Europe

Tesla stores have received a fantastic face-lift thanks to the company’s efforts to carry out an overhaul of its retail locations to concentrate more on the energy section of its business.

As part of the revamping process, Tesla will be displaying its latest rechargeable home battery, the Powerwall 2.0, and will also install new graphics to explain how their energy products operate.

A Tesla store showcases the latest Powerwall 2.0.

Consumers can now order the Powerwall 2.0 online and in store. Previously, customers could only purchase the home storage battery via Tesla’s website.

Tesla has already renovated some of their major stores located in key areas across Australia, Europe and North America. The company is focusing its major roll-out on markets experiencing higher demands for energy products. The company hopes to increase its energy portfolio in the near future by adding more stores.

The makeover is timely, coming at a time when Tesla is restructuring its energy business.

Early this week, the company officially finalised on its deal to acquire SolarCity, a pact that is worth around $2 billion.

The two companies are partnering to construct solar shingles manufactured from a special type of glass. Currently, solar roof shingles build by Tesla are similar to normal shingles, but can harvest energy from the sun to produce power. In addition, Tesla’s shingles will be priced competitively.

Last week on Friday, Musk remarked during an exclusive shareholder meeting that there are possibilities that Tesla’s solar roof will cost less than the usual roof, even before factoring the cost of electricity.

Tesla first unveiled its new at-home battery, the Powerwall 2.0 and the solar shingles during one of its events in October. Despite the solar shingles getting most of the attention at the event, Tesla’s innovative Powerwall is still the craze and won’t be ignored.

An example of a new showcase at Tesla stores.

The company’s rechargeable at-home battery has a 14 kWh energy capacity and provides up to 5 kWh of uninterrupted power. What this means is that it carries twice the energy + storage as the first model. Tesla claims it can power the sockets, lights and refrigerator in a spacious three bedroom home.

Besides its enhanced storage, Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0 is more aesthetically appealing. The company has designed it to be thinner and more rectangular unlike its predecessor. The new Powerwall also comes with a built-in inverter, and can be mounted on the wall, ground, indoors or even outdoors.

At present, the new home batteries have a price tag of $5,500 and Tesla approximates installation cost of the units at $1,000, bringing the total to $6,500.

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