Sonnen Battery System Now Popular In Australia

A recent report has revealed that Sonnen, a battery system made in Germany has grown in popularity across the nation’s home storage battery industry and is now considered the number one choice for most solar system owners.

Owing to the continuous drop in prices for Sonnen’s residential energy storage systems, the German manufacturer is expected to enjoy even greater success here.

According to a recent study by EuPD Research, Sonnen achieved an aggregate market share of 23% across the USA, European and Australian markets collectively, and this was well ahead of their competitor who came in second.

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To date, over 15,000 Sonnen battery storage systems have been shipped across the globe, in most cases to solar power system owners interested in gaining some additional energy independence and looking to make the most of the energy generated from their rooftops.

In the USA alone, Sonnen has acquired 17% of the market share and 13% in Australia, says the EuPD Research—however, its main stronghold is in the European market where it has been operating and established the longest.

Based on the interim figures, EuPD Research says Sonnen is now the biggest supplier in Germany, with a 27% market share; ahead of about 59 other businesses also providing energy storage solutions in Australia.

EuPD Research anticipates sustained growth during the second half of this year, with up to 25,000 storage systems expected to be fitted in Germany by the end of 2016. Battery manufacturers in German are also expected to successfully continue to venture in foreign markets.

“The international presence of German storage providers shows that they are able to react to change-specific requirements and to offer their products in good quality at affordable prices. Our analysis shows that German suppliers have already established themselves out of the European market outside Europe,” stated Dr. Martin Ammon, Head of Energy Economics at the EuPD Research.

Sonnen has a solid reputation thanks to its affordability, a high level of build quality that Germany is renowned for as well as its market-leading 10,000 cycle/10 year warranty. This can be equated to about 2.7 full cycles each day for over a decade.

Sonnen’s modular approach has been customized to allow additional capacity in 2kWh increments up to 16kWh, without having to upgrade the inbuilt inverter.

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