Cairns Solar Community Launches Big Solar Campaign

The Cairns community got together over the weekend to launch the Big Solar Campaign.

The Cairns Climate Action Network is behind the campaign which aims to encourage the roll out of large scale solar projects throughout Australia.

“As long as we have our power supply tied to fossil fuels … we’re going to have the price of our energy driven up by the fact that as demand goes up for any fuel, prices go up,” Big Solar Campaign launch organiser Jamie David said.

“Solar power is free, so if anyone is concerned about their power bills going up, they should be jumping up and down to demand renewable energy.”

Seeking the support of the Australian Government, Mr David said that they are working with other renewable energy networks accross Australia to encourage the construction of 2000 megawatt large scale and medium scale projects.  The ultimate goal is replace the coal-fired power stations within the next few years.

There are over 100 community groups across Australia taking part in the 100 percent Renewable Energy Campaign.  For more information on the Big Solar campaign, please visit

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