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Impact Energy is the No. 1 solar energy company and your trusted choice for solar solutions in South East Queensland.

As a leading solar power supplier, we specialise in rooftop solar panel installation, helping both residential and commercial customers to save on energy.

Our consistency in providing high-quality solar systems at competitive prices means you can trust us to help you find value in your solar investment, and given our 10-Year Warranty on our Workmanship.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Queenslanders enjoy the clean, inexpensive, and sustainable energy that has no carbon emissionsRead more

to reduce global warming.

If you are a commercial, industrial or multi-unit residential building owner looking to reduce your operating expenses, turn to our technicians to help you make an impact on your energy consumption.

Our dedicated team of renewable energy enthusiasts boasts decades of combined experience in the solar energy industry. Thanks to their expertise, we deliver professional and personalised workmanship that makes the whole experience pleasant.

All our solar panel installations are performed by accredited local technicians who are well-versed with the latest solar technologies. Whether for houses or commercial properties, we provide several options to suit every pocket.

Our packages include the following:

  • Base package – 6kw phonosolar panels with sungrow inverter
  • Mid-range package – 6kw Qcell panels with Fronius inverter
  • Premium package – 6kw LG Solar Panels with SMA inverter
  • Any package to suit your needs

High-Quality Installation

If you’re in Queensland and looking for a local solar company to install Tier 1 panels on your rooftop, this is it! Impact Energy is the best solar supplier and installer in the region. Our solar panels and inverters are sourced from reputable manufacturers in the renewable industry.

Our packages feature a combination of solar panels, inverters, and storage technologies. We have tested our solar panels in extreme conditions and they have proved to guarantee exceptional performance.

Our inverters are also ideal for the hot Australian conditions and feature transformerless technology.

04 0825 2687
163 Greensward RdTamborine, Queensland, 4270

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https://www.australiansolarquotes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Phono-Solar-Quote.png Phono Solar
https://www.australiansolarquotes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Q-Cells-Solar-Quote.jpg Q Cell
https://www.australiansolarquotes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/rec-solar-panels.jpg REC
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