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EarthRise Renewables, a company that has been in operation for more than 7 years in the Perth Metro areas and the Bunbury Southwest territory, has been providing sustainable, practical and high-quality installations for the residential and commercial markets. The company makes use of a range of renewable energy technologies that includes solar heating and cooling, solar lighting, battery storage, solar pool heating and solar water pumps.

EarthRise Renewables is also responsible for solar panel installations that provide sustainable energy using alternative energy resources minus the utility costs.

EarthRise provides consultation services for customers who want to find the perfect solution forRead more

their individual needs to get it right the first time. These specialists are experts in technologies including solar power lighting and skylights, grid-connect, batter-backup and off grid solar power systems, solar pumps for agricultural purposes, solar hot water systems, swimming pool pump speed controllers and heating and many more. EarthRise is also experienced in various technical fields such as Enviro Building Design, computer system interrogation, RF engineering tech, control systems and design and solar and environmental techniques. The company helps customers manage their energy consumption and expenses without compromising the environment, their finances and of course, their solar investments.
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