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The  Sunco Renewable offers the best quality solar equipment at the most competitive pricing! Installing only Tier 1 quality products, Sunco Renewable is renowned throughout Australia for its superior products and professional installation of solar systems.

Backed by our exceptional customer service and workmanship, we make every customer’s decision to go solar worthwhile, allowing them to take advantage of Federal government rebates to achieve savings and environmental benefits that solar provides.

At Sunco, we are dedicated to making solar power more affordable for every household and business to achieve greed independence by generating own electricity for FREE.

Sunco Renewable and

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Chubb Insurance

As an all-inclusive solar power company, Sunco Renewables offers CHUBB insurance at no cost for the life of your solar panels.

CHUBB Insurance Australia works by responding to causes of losses that go beyond the panel design defects and poor workmanship including consultation, maintenance and support services.

The policy covers issues to do with solar PV defects, deficiencies, and inadequacies; failure of the solar PV panels to perform in accordance with the contract; as well as loss of income or savings.

We are proud of our reputation for the company that delivers on its promise of quality products, and superior customer service. All our solar equipment including photo-voltaic solar panels, inverters and micro inverters, are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

Our stringent quality control systems ensure that our products and processes are scrutinized above and beyond Industry Standards enabling a seamless transition between delivery, installation and customer satisfaction.

In addition, we only use products that meet Australian Standards and are Clean Energy Council Approved. All of our installers are not only CEC licensed electricians but have also met our own strict company standards and requirements.

Over the years we have established strong relationships with industry leading manufacturers, service providers, and energy consultants, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and technological advances.

A Stellar Solar Mission

Our mission is to continue to provide the best quality equipment at the most competitive prices, bringing Sunco Renewable to your home or business.

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