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Hi-Tech Energy Solutions is an Arundel, Queensland-based company that offers a range of renewable energy solutions for households and businesses. They offer a comprehensive consultation and site inspection delivered by qualified and highly-knowledgeable commercial solar specialists who will educate customers and assess their energy requirements, providing them a number of options to consider.

The company provides installation for these solutions to help customers in obtaining their capital on their investments. Hi-Tech Energy Solutions is a Clean Energy Council-accredited company that aim to reduce customers’ energy usage and carbon footprint while adding more value to a particular property.

Hi-Tech Energy Solutions makes useRead more

of the top-recommended brands in the market such as Blue Sun Group and Hyundai solar panels and SMA and Power One Aurora inverters. These products have a proven guarantee for its reliability, durability and efficiency that can last for many years to come. These products also have their own comprehensive warranties to ensure that they are always in their best shape and form while they are installed in your property.
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Arundel, QLD, 4214