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  •   You own your own home

  •   Your average bill is over $100

  •   You have enough roof space

  •   You have limited shade over your roof

  •   You want to add value to your home instead of funding electricity retailers

Tell us about your property?

What size system will you need?

When are you looking to install?

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Solar Power Buyer’s Guide

Save energy save money for years to come. Find out how here.


Solar girl holding ipad researching solar power buyers guide

  • How much can I spend on solar panels?
  • How much money will I save using a solar power system?
  • Will I pay upfront or finance with a solar payment plan?
  • What rebates are available? What’s a ‘solar feed-in tariff?’
  • What are the total costs? How do I choose the right option?

Solar Panel Prices

Compare price, quality and service at your fingertips with Australian Solar Quotes.


What is the cost of solar panels and solar panel prices

  • Price – How much can you afford?
  • Size – How much roof space do you have available?
  • Installation – What’s your roof type and switchboard condition
  • Location – Are you installing solar in metro or regional Australia?
  • Solar Rebates – What solar rebates and feed-in tariff are you entitled to?