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Solar Power Buyer's Guide Buyer's GuideRead through our easy to understand Australian solar power buyer's guide and avoid unexpected surprises.
Solar-Power-Savings-Calculator ROI Solar CalculatorFind out what your solar power return on investment is when you install solar panels with our free solar power savings calculator.
Research your local solar installers and read through the solar installer reviews ReviewsBrowse through our solar panel installer reviews and see what others are saying about your local solar panel installers.

Solar Power Buyers Guide

Investing in solar power will save you money for years to come. To get the best return, it pays to do your research before choosing a solar panel installer.

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    • How much can I spend on solar panels?
    • How much money will I save using a solar power system?
    • Will I pay upfront or choose a solar payment plan?
    • What rebates are available? What’s a ‘solar feed-in tariff?’
    • What are the total costs? How do I choose the right option?

These are just a few things you should consider before consulting with a solar energy supplier.

There are many options, prices, services and payment plans available. Take advantage of our free solar panel buyer’s guide and make the best possible choice!

Solar power buyer’s guide

Solar Panel Prices in Australia

Compare price, quality and service, right at your fingertips.

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What is the cost of solar panels and solar panel prices
    • Price – How much can you afford?
    • Size – How much roof space do you have available?
    • Installation – What’s your roof type and switchboard condition
    • Location – Are you installing solar in metro or regional Australia?
    • Solar Rebates – What solar rebates and feed-in tariff are you entitled to?

Solar power systems can vary from cheap, to top of the range installations that are backed by world-leading quality and service. When choosing to invest in solar technology, you need to consider what system best fits your needs.

A high price is no guarantee of quality! Get 3 free quotes and do your research.

Solar panel prices

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